Miami Beach Hotels Reviews and Things to Do

The Concierge helps luxury travelers and groups plan itineraries and experiences in Miami Beach hotels, restaurants, and venues. Hotels range from renovated South Beach Art Deco boutiques to luxury resorts. Event venues cover the spectrum from World Erotic Museum to New World Symphony. Regardless, The Concierge is your confidante for an authentic experience.

Four Different Luxury Hotels in Miami

The scoop on four luxury hotels in Miami with different vibes and locations. Luxury is not standard, and Miami Beach offers a variety of luxury to suit all tastes.

Miami Events – MOCA Art Gallery

This is Miami’s forward leaning haven for mind-challenging, modern art work. Located 10 miles north of downtown Miami, the Museum of Contemporary Art

Miami Hotels for Families and Budgets

The Don Shula Resort and Indigo Hotel in Miami are properties ideal for guests seeking sunshine sans splendor. These hotels are perfect for visitors on a budget.

Artistic Hotels in South Beach

When thinking of hotels in Miami Beach, most of us dream of the wonderful beaches. Yet Miami Beach has a wonderful arts scene supported by hotels and museums.