Book with Style

The role of the Florida Travel Concierge is to assist groups in booking hotels, and planning events and travel to Florida.

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Why book through The Concierge?

Book and contract through The Concierge to receive free value-add benefits such as nightlife and restaurant recommendations, custom Google maps of the itinerary, and chat/email access during the stay.

How much does this cost?

The search, selection, and booking of a hotel is paid for by the hotels via a distribution fee.

Additional cost services include event coordination, tour design and management, and full service Concierge RSVP/ticket/VIP acquisition for members of the group during the stay.

What are the Services?

Groups that book through The Concierge have easy access to my knowledge of Florida’s hotels, restaurants, lounges, sites, and venues.

Besides negotiating great rates with hotels and providing you with a custom itinerary, The Concierge produces events, create tours, and take care of RSVP’s / VIP treatment at restaurants and lounges.

These are the typical travel planning services:

  • Research hotels and then manage the bid process to negotiate rates, fees, and comps with the vetted hotels interested in hosting the group
  • Research and select event and dining venues that match the group’s budget and style
  • Produce larger events  in partnership with local vendors to select venues, entertainment, catering, lighting, and transportation
  • Produce custom group tours such as art gallery hopping, museum visits, yacht charters, golf outings, and other activities
  • 24/7 On Call via email / phone/ chat to provide advice on entertainment and nightlife options during the group’s stay
  • On-premise quality liaison with hotel staff to ensure contractual obligations met and mistakes fixed

In succinct terms, groups from companies, weddings, alumni, family, and others source trip planning to the Concierge in order to leverage my local expertise, save time and energy, and create an optimal experience.